Using Couriers To Post Deliveries

When hosting an online store, it is inevitable that you will have to send out orders to your customers. The first step you will face, will be choosing a courier to collect and deliver your products for you. The costs obviously vary, but with it so does quality of service.

Using Couriers

There are recurring themes across many review sites from the past few years, and there are one or two names that you may want to steer away from, and a few you might want to consider using, such as One Sure Insurance – who score fairly highly on and Trustpilot.

Unbelievably, three companies that repeatedly show up at the bottom of the rankings are used by a wide range of top retailers, despite numerous complaints of poor service. The problems can occur anywhere in the process of delivery, so by paying more for a well-respected courier, you will be able to provide tracking information and in turn, peace of mind for your customers.

The three names that seem to thrive on the lower rankings of review sites are Yodel, City Link and Hermes. Waves of negative customer reviews have harmed their ratings over the last few years, with publicity reaching extremes such as videos of delivery drivers throwing parcels over gates and reports of putting parcels in bins, on “bin day”. The simple answers to why the service isn’t as reliable as the likes of Royal Mail or DPD, is that they are cheap. Cheap for a reason.

However, as with many things in life, consumers would rather sacrifice quality over cost, paying as little as possible, then complaining when they receive a poor service – amazingly however, it doesn’t seem to deter people away from using the same provider again.

As a business owner, you could go one step further than most and contact a courier company professionally and see if you can work out a deal with them, by explaining that you wish to work alongside them, supplying them with business through your orders when they are sent out. It may seem farfetched or ambitious, but it brings about the saying “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. The most you can do in the meantime is look online at reviews across numerous websites from all manner of consumers, check the pricing information and calculate how much you should charge for postage (if you do). That way you can figure out what the best provider is for you under your circumstances.

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