Let us vow to demolish the roots of child abuse forever!

Now that we have gained our stronghold as a child protection and welfare organization for the past 3 years, we have compiled highly specialized resources in some of the most neglected and critical areas of child rights abuse. On the top of the list remains the widespread prevalence of child abuse in the various pastoral ranks, and sexual abuse in particular. Please take your time to browse through the various online resources that we have compiled and put up. This will not only give details and valuable in-sights on the present statistics and the most vulnerable areas, but also give you all the available provisions and actions that you are entitled to take as a vigilant citizen, in case you happen to come across any such incident.

Educating Children about what is Inappropriate

Very often, child sexual abuse does not get reported for a very long time because the child himself or herself is not aware of the fact that what he/she is being subjected to is wrong. Under normal family scenarios or neighborhood scenarios, it might take months of trauma before a child can break down and confide in somebody he or she implicitly trusts. Therefore when the pastoral and religious angle comes in, the issue becomes all the more difficult to identify. Therefore the first and foremost requirement is to educate our children well in this subject, and explain to them the clear difference between what is appropriate and what is inappropriate.

Helping the recover from the trauma

Once a case of child abuse gets reported, the easiest thing at hand is to bring the accused to task. There are helpline and authorities that we have listed that we have enlisted for swift action. But after the investigation and eventual conviction is through, one realizes that the biggest job is still to be accomplished. Yes, we are referring to the child who has undergone the trauma. The need for proper counseling and psychotherapy to recover from the trauma is of prime importance. This is in fact, a major challenge for even the most accomplished child protection organizations, and we really solicit all expert assistance and advice in this regard.