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Topic outline


    Development Partners

    Specialist Expertise E-Learning: Soon-Systems Ltd.:
    For the execution of this project, there is an established and continuous cooperation (general service provider contract) with the specialist company Soon-Systems in the context of the case-based learning programme “Docs n’ Drugs” (now Soon-Trainer), and in conjunction with a larger project being carried out by Baden-Württemberg in the area of “Early Help”. In addition the following areas of competence will be included in the project: cooperation in the conception and production of content, server technology and hosting (platforms), technical and content support, implementation of software components, training in the deployed software.

    Specialist Expertise Dreiländerinstitut Ltd.:
    The Dreiländerinstitut Ltd. provides a network of more than 100 international experts in the field of child and adolescent protection systems and research on child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy. Dreiländerinstitut is offering expertise, trainings and consulting with empirical social research methods.