Child Protection: Parental Responsibility or Social Conscience?

On the exterior, it becomes very easy to pin down the parents when any breach of child rights happen. Yes, parents are most certainly responsible for child protection, but one cannot ignore he social context in this regard. No matter how intelligent, efficient and morally sound you are as a parent, the way in which the society perceives the enforcement of child rights, is where the ball game is all about. Historical as well as current statistics have proven time and again that societies and nations where child rights are protected emerge as the strongest in terms of economic development coupled with equitable distribution, low crime rates and social justice. In such countries, the happiness index and livability index are mostly the highest. On the contrary, societies where child abuse is rampant in various forms, end up becoming strongholds of poverty, crimes, unemployment and obviously score very low as far as the happiness index and the livability index are concerned.

Groups that seek immediate attention

Now that we have delved quite deep into the various critical aspects, complexities and legalities of child protection, we would like to draw your attention to specific groups of abused children who require immediate and urgent attention. These are not arranged in any specific order of priority, but are rather wrought with equal importance. Also, please note that there are specific counseling chapters that we have compiled in our e-learning modules that you need to go through, and take an online test, prior to being deemed qualified enough to counsel these children:-

  • Homeless and malnourished children
  • Children (not infected with HIV) born from infected parents who are no longer alive
  • Children of drug addicts
  • Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  • Children of Parents in Prison
  • Trafficked Children who are rescued
  • Victims of Child Labor
  • Victims of Forced Child Marriages
  • Street Children engaged in petty crimes and juveniles
  • Neglected and Abused Children
  • Victims of School or College Bullying and Harassment