The Best FreeSync Monitor – Asus MG279Q

When it comes to monitors using AMD’s Freesync technology, there is no better display unit available out there than the Asus MG279Q. Freesync is an open-source technology that utilizes extra resources built into the Graphics Processor Unit to help speed up the transfer of data. The proprietary counterpart, G-Sync is Nvidia’s own take on Freesync, but will cost you extra.

Nonetheless, the MG279Q is the best Freesync monitor available today, which is head and shoulders above the competition in their category. The 27-inch display has a 144Hz refresh rate for that blazing speed you have the smoothest video transitions in game.  The IPS panel gives you the clearest and crispiest image even at difficult viewing angles.

You can adjust this monitor with its extra versatile mounting arm, which allows you to make minute adjustments for that perfect viewing angle and position. You can adjust the tilt forward and backward, as well as the height to give you the optimum position for marathon gaming or even for tournament modes.

Chipping in on the downsides of this monitor, we asked Jonas from to give a major fault. His response was, “One knock on this monitor is the lack of dynamic refresh rate which is pegged at 35-90Hz whereas competing products have a far superior 40-144Hz dynamic refresh rate.”

Although it may not make much of a difference in the long run, this lower dynamic range may actually be beneficial to some applications. These ranges are standard in both Freesync and G-Sync monitors, but most important thing to note is that performance is nearly identical, so there really isn’t much need to stress over one or the other.

Another ‘weak’ point in this monitor is the fact that it does not have a blur reduction mode. These could be addressed by manually changing your settings to correct this flaw, but other than that, there isn’t much we can say to bring this good monitor down. These factors are minimal and negligible, and will not affect your gaming experience at all, so there’s no need to fret about it.


  •  IPS, 144Hz, 2560×1440
  •  Very good picture quality out of the box
  •  Cheaper than competing G-Sync monitors


  •  Adaptive refresh range is only 35-90Hz
  •  No blur reduction mode

The contrast ration is awesome and there is an option to connect multiple screens simultaneously, which is helpful especially for gamers who wish to connect their gaming console as well, thanks to the built-in internal scaler to make the transitions seamess.

The MG279Q has a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology going to work wonders in the background. The refresh rate of 144Hz is standard for most high-end displays and the response rate is 6.5Ms, which is unusually high for a monitor of this calibre. The input ports include are 2 HDMI Ports, one DisplayPort and one Mini DisplayPort.

For the price of $550, this is an excellent choice for the more advanced serious gamers who wish to get a little savings by not having to incorporate G-Sync functionality. The corresponding Freesync that comes built into the monitor is good enough for most of your gaming requirements. We recommend this to anyone who wishes to get an upgrade for their next monitor, or even for new gamers who have the budget to splurge for an awesome monitor. One of the best decisions you will ever have to make, in terms of gaming gadgets.


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