The Unbound Significance of Child Protection

As we speak of building a better future, the most fundamental aspect that we cannot ignore is the basic rights of our children. Considering that they constitute the future generation, it is our biggest responsibility to ensure that they have a wholesome upbringing, absolutely devoid of any form of exploitation be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The perplexing aspect about Child Rights Protection is that this topic is almost exhaustive in nature, and there is no fixed set of rules that can be taken as the gospel truth in this regard. However there are certain benchmarks that have been set and documents that have been ratified by reputed international bodies. The United Nations obviously stands at the helm of it, with its extensive charter on the Rights of Children, as enlisted in Article 19. Likewise, one gets to see a lot more of information in absolution with the UNICEF’s Child Protection System. Unlike various other bodies, this does not constitute a theoretical system for child protection simply on papers, but takes into account everything that needs to be known for ensuring that childhoods are well-protected in the present world.

Centre for Child Protection

Little drops of water fill up an ocean. Likewise, we passionately believe that as far as the gigantic ocean of child rights, child welfare and child protection are concerned, no effort is too small. At our own modest level, we have joined hands as a group of Child Rights Activists, Theologians, Health Care Professionals and E Learning Experts, to ensure that our valued future generation has a wonderful and joyous childhood, free from any kind of abuse. In fact, we have tried to have a scientific working group in place in order to ensure that none of our child-protection stipulations are violated, as documented in the UN Charter as well as the UNICEF Program. Hence, these do not just pose as guidelines to follow, but the heart and soul of our endeavor.